Meet Noah

(Noah) Steven J. Karrasch, founder of the CORE Care Group in Springfield, MO, was born in St. Joseph, MO in 1950 and grew up on a farm north of town. He graduated from Savannah, MO Public Schools and the University of Missouri, Columbia in 1972 with a BS in Education, vocal music emphasis.

After working as an entertainer at Silver Dollar City in southwest Missouri, he taught public school music for several years. Next came a stint in Maine as a camp counselor, bartender, and pianist/vocalist/entertainer. On returning to the Ozarks in 1981 he taught music in the public school system until he picked up the Ida Rolf book Ida Rolf Talks About Rolfing and Physical Reality (Rosemary Feitis and Ida Rolf). This book totally opened his mind to the importance of bodywork with Ida Rolf’s first quote: “This is the gospel according to Rolf. When gravity gets flowing appropriately through the body, then spontaneously the body heals itself.” He contacted the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO and initiated the training process to become a certified Rolfer in 1984. He was certified by the Institute in 1986, received advanced certification from the Guild for Structural Integration in 1991 and has continued to develop and train in his bodywork practice, with his personal technique, CORE Bodywork. In addition to his Springfield, MO practice he maintains limited practices in Columbia, MO as well as Fayetteville, Eureka Springs and Little Rock, AR, Austin, TX and London, England.

Additionally Noah has been a teacher of bodywork both for massage schools and independently since 1994. His reason for participating in the training of the massage community is that he believes too many massagers learn just a bit about deep tissue work without really understanding what they are trying to achieve. He hopes to increase the level of learning in the massage and bodywork community by challenging his students to continue to enhance their skills as they invite change in their clients instead of demanding it from them.

His partner Gloria Galanes is a professor of communication at Missouri State University and has also served in various administrative positions there. During the fall semester of 2006 she taught for the Missouri-London program in London, England, so Noah lived and worked in London from Aug-Dec of 2006 while she completed her semester there. Through fortunate circumstances he was invited to sing Handel’s Messiah at St Paul’s Cathedral in December. He was a visiting fellow at the Wren Clinic in East Central London and has continued this exchange, and has now made twelve trips to London to work and now to teach bodywork also (see Noah’s Travel Diary). In addition he has begun teaching for several massage schools in the United Kingdom.

Noah has recently completed his first book Meet Your Body: CORE Bodywork and Rolfing Tools to Release Bodymindcore Trauma, released in Feb of 2009 by Singing Dragon Publications, a division of Jessica Kingsley Publishers of London and Philadelphia. This book is meant primarily for clients — and their bodyworkers — to teach them how to better stretch, release and maintain their own bodies.  His second book, Freeing Emotions and Energy Through Myofascial Release, was published by Singing Dragon in Feb of 2012.  This book is primarily for therapists and interested clients in explaining how the fascial model, body psychology, Oriental medicine and the chakra system intersect.  Both books are available from the publisher or from Amazon.

His daughter Molly is a graduate of Stephens College in Columbia, MO with a BFA in musical theater. She lives in Austin, TX where she is a professional actress. She is now the mother of Noah’s first grandchild, Henry Atlas Wineberg, born June 10, 2009.

In his spare time, Noah enjoys music, travel, gardening, reading, most things Jamaican and Portugese, and rehabilitating the unused and unloved. Oh, and now London. You can find Noah and his two books on Facebook.

In these current trying economic times, Noah believes we’re all being given an opportunity to find and stay on our centers better. His work has always encouraged this; he now invites us all to learn to live in gratitude, more fully. Noah invites you to try a session of bodywork and see if you feel it serves your goals of achieving better health.